Drive your Lancia day, October 10, 2020

The Sacramento region tour, arranged by ALC President Leif Neuman

When the "revised" ALC West Coast reunion was cancelled in October due to COVID, members must have been quite eager to get those Lancia automobiles back on the road...apparently, as several day tours were planned at five locations throughout California, Pennsylvania and Arizona. Paul and I were members of the "eager to drive" Lancia and Fiat owners, who joined Leif and Barbara Neuman in a tour through the Sierra Foothills. Leif and Barbara were driving their Fulvia Coupe', Paul and Vicki drove the Aurelia Convertible, John Hafkenschiel, ( a long time Lancia owner and member) was in his Fiat X1/9 Roadster, and Don and Valerie Sawhill (Lancia club members and hopefully Lancia owners in the future) were driving their Fiat 500 Abarth.

It was the perfect day for a leisurely drive through the winding roads that included lovely oak lined foothills, cattle, horses, goats, chicken, creeks, a steep grade as well as old farmhouses and ranch estates to admire. There is nothing better than to be driving these magnificent machines, especially in an open car, under blue skies with wispy clouds occasionally shading the sun, after weeks of horrific gray, and unhealthy air quality from the surrounding California fires in Northern California.

The one and a half hour drive took us through the areas of Newcastle, Penryn, Auburn and Gold Hill. We ended the tour at the beautiful "Chateau De Neuman" in the amazingly beautiful wine region of Lincoln where a fabulous lunch prepared by Barbara awaited us. A special treat for all was the unveiling of a gorgeous 1st series Flaminia Sport recently purchased and shipped from Europe to the Neuman's home in California.

We are eager for this beautiful addition to the Neuman Collection to be with us soon on future events.

Thank you Barbara and Leif. We look forward to our next rally and gathering with our Lancia friends... and we hope that will be in the not-so-distant future.

Vicki and Paul Tullius

Asturia at Essen Show
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