Bernina Hill Climb, St. Moritz

Received a mail from a German Lancia owner who we met during a couple of events we did in Europe. Holger got his Fulvia after the first event we did together. At that first event he drove a Corvette but fell in love with our car and a few months later he sent us a photo of his just purchased Fulvia 1.3HF.

He had the car for quite some time at Vere Lancia in Haarlem for upgrades after some engine problems during the first major event with the car. This fall he finally got to take it out in its correct environment !

Here is his mail.

Hi Leif, wanted to send you some pictures of a beautiful event last weekend at St. Moritz in the Swiss Alps. Bernina Gran Turismo Hillclimb was a spectacular 'Lancia Happening' with 5 Stratos, 2 Fulvias, 1 Delta Rallye, 1 Delta S4 and one 037 Rallye in a field of 80 historical cars. My little Fulvia was running great, just risked to much in race 4 as I almost ran out of fuel with only 5 liters in the tank. So I lost 1 min with a stuttering engine. Cheers from Wiesbaden

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ALC website is ok for me; the driver of the '037 Rallye' was Alex Grappo - he was not the owner. The owner is from Cal; unfortunately I forgot his name but maybe you know him. He told me that this was the Monte Carlo winning car from the early eighties (think '82). Cheers

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