In the Rear mirror - Spring Drive

The first event of the year for Norcallanciagroup in combination with the local Maserati club members, took place over the weekend.

We had a balanced but small group joining us for the event.

Friday mixer saw some new faces, with a new owner of a Scorpion that is still in his garage waiting for some work before being back on the road. A long time friend joined us with his 356 Porsche for the evening as well as Todd in his Fulvia and the three Maseratis that were participating during the weekend.

Saturday started at the Hotel and we now had a group of eight cars with a ninth running late due to a dead battery.

The drive took us via back roads to the Shenandoah valley wine area.

Eric and Connie got the battery replaced and joined us at the Story winery were we now had a nice mix of cars, three Lancia's, Todd, Paul and Vicky as well as me and Barbara. Three Maseratis, Andrew and Myrto, Roger and Linda as well as Stephanie. We also had Lily with Veronica as navigator and Eric and Connie in their Porsches. Also John and Deborah from Chico joined us.

The winery is a small but welcoming place with great areas for a pick-nick or just to relax. After the stop at the Story winery we arrived at the Toogood winery where ,,an outstanding reception waited us. In the covered area used for the wine-making were tables set up with cheese platters and a plate with salad for everyone to sit down and get a wine tasting right at the tables.

After a short while, pizza was served and again wine was introduced when we were eating, to have a good sampling of their wines. The owner and vintner Paul Toogood as well as his daughter Chrystal, were giving us notes and stories of the origin of both themselves, winery and the wine.

After the Lunch we were brought into the wine caves for some barrel tasting.

There can not be any doubt that there could have been a better reception for our group than what we received! - A big thanks to you all at the winery for your warm welcome and treatment.

As we were leaving the winery we all of a sudden got rained on during the drive back to Lincoln and the Rancho Robles winery. When we came closer, the clouds started to part and as we arrived at the winery, there was no sign of clouds, but only blue sky and a hot sun. We had a taste of a selection of wine and got a chance to view the newly upgraded grounds before heading back to the hotel to fresh up before dinner.

The dinner was set up at the Buonarroti Ristorante in downtown Lincoln and there we were treated to a great meal and had a chance to talk over the days events.

Sunday Morning was a farewell to most of the group with only three cars going for a short drive around Lincoln and stopping at two of the many wineries that have been established in Placer County. I think the visit at the Ciotti winery was the highlight of the day where the owner spent quite some time with us and showed what was done and what still was in store for the property.

Next stop was at the Dono Dal Cielo winery where we also tasted some great wine before splitting up.

Paul and Vicky together with me and my navigator for the day(neighbor Doug) went to meet Doug's wife Cathy and Barbara who had the lunch ready when we arrived. The lunch was great with good company, stories and plenty food. The Lunch ended up being more of a "luinner" as the afternoon went very fast.

Before closing, I want to thank the Crew at the Toogood winery for their outstanding welcoming as well as Joe at the Ciotti Winery for opening up for us early,so we could have a nice visit with him while trying his wine.

Thank you to all who participated, to make this a succesfull event!

Leif and Barbara Neuman

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