Clear Lake Drive - Recap

Clear Lake area welcomed us with beautiful weather with blue skies. The group came together with seven Lancia and one Porsche,

Todd in his Fulvia was leading the group that also consisted of:

John and Pat Carapiet in their Appia

Jeff Hill in his Aurelia

Kjell Nelin in his Flaminia

Gary and Holly Dowling in the Flaminia Convertible

Paul and Vicki Tillius in the Aurelia Convertible

Leif and Barbara Neuman in the Flavia Convertible

Lily English in the Porsche.

A great group of people that met up at the Tallman Hotel for appetizers and wine before dinner on Friday afternoon.

Dinner took place at the Blue Wing Restaurant and everybody seamed to have a great time.

Saturday Morning started at the Tallman Hotel with a photo line-up along the Main street.

The caravan went south on Hwy 20 with turns into side roads and a chance to see the local flair in Lucern as well as in Nice. Todd had driving directions made up with information about some of the sites we passed. The first stop was at the Cache Creek winery where preparations for the Sunday 5-10K run event was in full swing. We had some time to gather around the cars and each other for exchanging ideas.

The day was still early so only a few were daring enough to taste the good variety of offerings.

Next, the drive got back north to the Lunch site at the Brassfield Estate Winery located at the end of The winding High Valley Road. The drive was beautiful and the winery spectacular with the picnic area covered and with the open fireplace that added to the ambiance.

We had the parking area for ourselves so we could line up with great views.

Leaving the winery the drive was great with the trees dropping their leafs on the roadway.

We went on going clock wise around the lake, with some challenging roads along the way. When we stopped at the Boatique winery we admired the beautiful lineup of classic boats.

The drive up the east side of the lake was uneventful and arriving at the hotel we rested up for the coming Dinner in Kelseyville.

The dinner reservations were made at 7pm so we got on our way after dark had fallen and arrived just in time as well as most of the other in the group. One car was missing however, and soon we found out that Gary's Flaminia had run down its battery because the generator could not support all the power needed for both lights, fuel pump and all other items depending on power.

Did anyone have an extra battery or another means to get them going again? (During the Lincoln event early spring Paul English showed us a contraption that he suggested everyone in a older car should bring with them - a Micro Start unit!)

I followed Paul's advice and have since been driving around with one in the car. With that in hand John and myself went to assist Gary and Holly, The Micro Start did its work and the car came to life! (Thank you for looking out for us Paul!)

We started to drive slowly in front of their car that for safety only had the parking lights on. However we only made less than a quarter mile before a CHP officer noticed us and promptly pulled us over. After explaining the situation he offered to guide us to the nearest gas station with lights on both the Flaminia and the CHP cruiser.

Understandingly Gary and Holly had lost their appetite and called for a tow back to the hotel instead of joining us at dinner.

We later found out that before the tow truck arrived they had been able to find a new battery and when the tow showed up they had him follow behind for safety but made it on their own power.

The rest of us had a nice dinner and when on our way back, checked to make sure the Flaminia no longer was at the gas station and then continued to our hotel.

Sunday morning was used to enjoy the time change and after breakfast at our hotels we got together and all of us agreed that it was time to turn the hoods towards home.

Thank you Todd for arranging a great event and thank you all who joined us to made it as successful as possible.

Leif and Barbara Neuman

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