The Annual Voboril Party at Holman Ranch Carmel Valley, August 17, 2016

For you who were in the Monterey area last Wednesday(for Pebble Beach and the Monterey Historic Races) and missed the party hosted by Jan and Meredith Voboril...

You missed out on a chance to both meet a group of fun people, and to indulge in great food and wine tasting in a marvelous historic setting.

The Holman Ranch has quite a history dating back to when California was still a part of Mexico. It became the center of social life in Carmel Valley, including "who's Who" parties and community events. The Holman's hosted "Hollywood's finest" including Clark Gable, Vincent Price, Joan Crawford and Marlon Brando to name a few. Today the Holman Ranch is a private estate that opens it's doors to the public for special events. And, the Voboril party was truly a "special event".

It was nice to meet people known from before but not knowing that they also shared the same passion for Lancia as we do. The early evening was pleasant, with the sun warming us and when the darkness came, the light decorations kept the warmth inside us. We cannot thank Jan and his family enough for inviting us to join them and we look forward to the "next annual" where we can talk abut cars and events in the future.

Leif and Barbara Neuman

2021 West coast reunion.jpg