Pebble Beach cars on Ocean Ave.

Once again it was time for the Thursday Drive for the Pebble Beach cars. This year the number of cars were less than previous years and a couple of reasons could be, the wild-fires in the area as well as that the organizers took away the extra points for doing the drive. Regardless, the cars that showed up were as always fantastic.

The two Lancia cars were both spectacular and the 1933/5 Astura Aerodinamico Castagna Coupe' looked as if it was the design inspiration for the "Batmobile"! a fabulous looking car.

The second Lancia was not as futuristic but still exceptional looking.

1936 Astura Pininfarina Cabriolet.

The windshield ventilators are an interesting detail.

The interior was quite fancy and looked very comfortable for the passengers in the rear seat.

After inspecting the cars, the Lancia Group got together for lunch before heading back to various hotels and we tagged on with Steve and Lynn Peterson for some more mingling and car talk.

Steve had a hard time to stop looking for more fancy cars but there must be limits!!

what is there in the future?

2021 West coast reunion.jpg