2016 Concorso Italiano

This year the Lancia line-up was 9 cars. A small number in comparison to most of the field. The cars were a great spread of the models with the top scorer from the Concorso judges being the B24 showed by Hurwich from Piedmont. Other cars were 1960 Appia Berlina, 1964 Flavia Pininfarina, 1977 and ? Scorpion, 1966 and 73Fulvia, Fulvia Zagato and 1962 Flavia Vignale

The winning B24 Convertible

The Flavia Pininfarina owned by Corbelletta made a good second and even though there were far better condition cars we were awarded the third in class with our Flavia Vignale.

The weather was as cold as I have encountered over the past few years and for the first time we were bundled up in warm clothes.

Barbara Neuman and Todd Radke relax in another car group display.

More of the Lancia line-up, most came prepared with plenty of food and drinks.

2021 West coast reunion.jpg