Northwest Classic Rally Recap

We are back from an interesting and long week-end in Oregon.

Already starting the drive north, from Sacramento on Wednesday to make the trip easy on us and stopped overnight in Gold Hill, OR. Thursday was an easy drive to Portland for registration and tech-check. We were parked behind the beautiful Appia Zagato during registration.

Other A.L.C. members participating were:

Steve Peterson/Kjell Nelin

Ed Godshalk in an Alfa Romeo Sprint

David Cerrick in a Citroen DS21

Michelle and Jon Rand in the 61 Appia Zagato

Friday morning starting with a nice breakfast at the same place as the gathering the evening before. We met again with some of the other crews and 30 minutes before our start time, we got our driving directions.

It did not take long after the start of the rally before I ignored my navigators direction and got on the freeway in the wrong direction! It took until lunch before we were back on track and out of time penalties. After lunch we did better but good results were blown out of the window already

A brief break to stretch our legs and find shade.

We had a fairly nice ride during the afternoon but had to put the top up as the heat got too much for us.

Back at the resort, which was our base for the remainder of the rally, we settled down and rested up before dinner.

A nice walk through the garden to the dinner pavilion and a nice glass of wine.

Next morning started at the resort and onto another number of beautiful roads and nature. We had a nice start until we briefly took time to waive at the time control and missed the turnoff!! again trying to catch up with the clock.

We were not the only car that was fighting the directions but I think in that category we won easily!!

At the end of the rally I suddenly felt that the car started to loose power and luckily we were able to turn into the parking lot of a fire station with shade. While waiting for the tow truck,I started to investigate what the problem was and found that the fuel pump had stopped working.. As I had tools in the car, I took the fuel pump out and checked lines and power. After putting the pump together again I asked Barbara to turn on the ignition and heard the pump activating! Barbara started the engine and I kept feeling the pump to make sure it kept pumping and when I felt sure it worked we hopped in the car and drove the last 11 miles to the finish line. At least we were able to finish on our own power.

Again we took the rest of the afternoon resting and waited for dinner and another glass of wine.

During dinner we were given tickets for the "Peoples choice" car of the event and the Appia Zagato was not only our first choice but as I understand most of the group agreed.

The Peoples choice winning Lancia Appia Zagato

Sunday morning started with Brunch and awards, after that we loaded up and started on the return trip home. Again we stopped overnight, and arrived home somewhat rested.

We are looking forward to be back next year with better coordination and odometer that is holding up( the last day when resetting the odometer I ended up with the winder in my hand) We are determined to do better (almost hard not to) next year.

Leif and Barbara Neuman

2021 West coast reunion.jpg