Report from The Netherlands

This morning started with the Beyos gorge. For more than 30 minutes we drove low between mountains towering on both sides.

The roads are excellent, the scenery getting more and more arid; we now drive westwards. Slowly we climb to 1600 meters.

To roads are so well maintained that we start to miss "Italian" roads. We try to present you with some more challenges, just to find ourselves caught in a deadly series of cruel hairpins. After two hours we revert back to the main road.

This is as bad as the asphalt gets.

We end our day in a modern spa hotel dating back to the year when the Netherlands - as First Nation - recognized the sovereignty of the United States.

Vriendelijke groet / Best Regards,

Bart Kleyn

Via Flaminia B.V. Ir. B. G. Kleyn Gerrit van der Veenstraat 134-2 1077 ES Amsterdam The Netherlands +31 6 242 343 45


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