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Tina is doing amazingly well. She had some surgery yesterday on her clavicle and it went well. She will be released from the hospital in a couple of days. She and daughter Amy will stay in a nice hotel on the lake until the 11th when they will fly back to LA. Now it is the healing of damaged nerves and bones. Time. I’m sure she would love cards. Send them to her home address so she has something there to return to. She has had many visitors in Switzerland from the Bugatti Club.

Tina Byrd

11592 Chiquita St

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The following was sent to me and I just wanted to make sure you all were informed as well.

As soon as I get any update I will post as well.

We all had a good time together with Tina (Byrd) at the ALC "Western" reunion and we all hope she will get back on the road soon again.



I'm sending you this if you've all asked me to keep you in the loop on Mom's condition or if I haven't managed to call you yet. If it's the latter, I'm deeply sorry for not having reached out sooner. As you can imagine, it's been a hectic few days. Rather than continue to reach out to each of you individually, I thought this might be easier. I'm missing emails for Paul Tulius, John Dimock, and John Richards. If any of you have those handy, please send them my way.

For those of you don't have the details yet, my mother was in a car accident in Lausanne, Switzerland while on a car rally. She was driving the Bugatti. A modern car didn't stop going through a roundabout and hit her. She was thrown from the car. They took her to the hospital immediately. She has a few broken ribs and both of her shoulders are broken. She also has a small skull fracture behind the ear. The skull fracture was a very clean break (which is good news), but it's pressing on a cranial nerve.

Today they ran tests to determine whether surgery to relieve the pressure on the cranial nerve is necessary. At this point, the doctors do not recommend operating. It looks like the bone and nerve will heal on their own. They will run another test in 2 weeks.

Right now George is with my mom, as are a few folks from the Bugatti club.

I'll be flying out to Switzerland next week. As many of you know, George is not the greatest at communicating, so I'd recommend reaching out to me with questions. You can call or email me any time - my cell number is 818 298 3140.

Mom is in the Main University Hospital Lausanne, Rue du Bugnon 46, 1011 Lausanne, Switzerland. She's on a lot of pain killers and needs her rest so she's not up to taking phone calls. She also won't be responding to emails. She's asked me specifically to ask that people not send flowers. She appreciates the sentiment but she doesn't like sneezing.

I'll do my best to update you all as things change, or for that matter, as they stay the same. If there's anyone I've forgotten to include, feel free to forward them my email or give them my contact information. For those of you I've already talked to, know that I truly appreciate the offers to help, but for now we're ok. Just knowing that you are all around and thinking about us is wonderful in and of itself.



Amy Byrd

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