Recap ALC West Coast Reunion

Spent a couple of warm days in the surroundings of Lone Pine with both old and new friends. Started early on Friday morning and met up with Paul and Vicki Tillius in Truckee. After a nice cup of coffee and refill of oil in the Flavia we drove together towards Lone Pine. We took our time and made frequent stops to make sure fluid levels were under control both for the cars as well as for us. The temperature was very comfortable until we started to get close to Bishop were the wind felt like we were driving in a sauna. When arriving at the hotel we were happy to sit inside the reception with a cold beer and pizza and mingle with the group. The hotel was situated at a spectacular location with a view of Mount Whitney across the Hwy.

Saturday started out warm already in the morning and we decided to keep the top up for sun shelter. The tour started with the drive to Keeler were we made a stop for group photos and wondered how the town must have been during the time of mining in the area.

The pool house in the background as well as the swimming pool were both abandoned.

After the brief stop we continued to Darwin, another town that must have been hopping during older days. There we visited a display of sculptures and met the artist himself who had relocated to a new life style that most of us would have had a hard time to adopt. He invited us all to see his humble but cool accommodations including a mine shaft like walkway to his carport that also worked as cooler for the home.

His outside fire pit and comfort sitting must be a nice place to drink a cup of coffee while the sun sets.

As the heat got worse we decided to take some time off at the hotel and rest up for dinner back in the Town of Keeler and the home of the artist Dan Dickman and his wife Carol. Dan was laid up at the hospital so we could only admire his work without hearing the stories behind them. The evening became quite nice and the food delicious with the music from a local guitarist getting us in the mood!

The drive back to the hotel was spectacular, because we finally got to put the top down and really marvel at the starry sky above!!

Sunday morning again was cooler and we kept the top down for the short drive around the hills of Lone Pine.

The road was nice and the nature was impressive with rock formations, that are seen in a lot of western movies.

After the drive we got the cars lined up for the Concours before heading to the luncheon at another local host.

The afternoon was spent resting and hanging out around the pool to stay cool with a beer while waiting for the time to have dinner at a local restaurant. Dinner was great again and the evening ended with a group of us sitting in the grassy area of the hotel and enjoying some adult beverages before saying goodbye to everybody.

Our drive back started early enough to be away from the anticipated heat and arrived back home mid afternoon.

Looking back on the week-end we had a great time and after a couple of days we are back to "normal" again.

A great event with great people, arranged by great people who know how to show off this beautiful part of the country.

Thank you all!!

2021 West coast reunion.jpg