Monterey Week activities

You should go to the Pebble Tour on Thurs. 18 Aug. One of the best places to see the cars is on Aquajito Rd. which is right across from (east of) the Pebble main gate; i.e., the cars will come out through the main gate, then cross over Rt. 1 as though they would be going N. on Rt. 1. About half way around the curve onto Rt. 1 is Aguajito Rd. Somewhat parrelels Carmel V. Rd. Go down about a mile where you see a downhill and some turns. It is a great spot. Get there by 7:30 since the CHP may close the stop light intersection before 8am. I was stopped at 7:50am last year. Apparently the Tour started early so you need to be early. After the cars pass by, about 175 cars, go from Aguajito Rd. down Rt. 1 to the Bixby Bridge or any neat spot to watch the cars to to Big Sur and back. Then they park on Ocean Ave. from around noon to 2pm. Probably the most colorful moving day of the car week and it is FREE. Then on Thurs. pm go to Laguna Seca track which is either free or of minimal cost. From Walnut Creek I am down the road NLT 5:15am. Google the Pebble Tour to be sure of the 2016 route. Plus there are several low key shows, a Ecterini small car event in P.C. on, I think, Wed. and a Lemons show on either Fri. or Sat. Best google the Monterey Week for the details. Regards, Steve

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