Event Report - Lincoln Area Weekend

Spring is here, and it was time to get out the cars. A mainly sunny weekend, with the showers arriving only in the afternoon on Sunday.

Meeting in Lincoln Saturday Morning, those present and correct were:

Leif and Barbara Neuman - Rally Meister - Flavia - Right Hand Drive - first drive.

Paul and Vicki Tullius - Aurelia Convertible

Gary and Holly Dowling - Flaminia Convertible

Todd Radke - Fulvia 1.3S - ex -Buckingham - first drive after fire repairs.

Paul and Lily English - Scorpion

A great route following country back roads followed, heading to Toogood Winery in Somerset for pizza lunch. A few hiccup's from Paul T's Convertible on the way which seemed to have a reluctant fuel pump when hot.

Leif had arranged a great deal at the Holiday Inn Express, which was fine, although we felt a bit out of place due to the mass of women feverishly attending a sewing/quilting workshop at the same time.

Dinner at a Japanese Kobe restaurant opposite rounded off a full day.

Sunday morning dawned fine, and we took a leisurely drive around the pretty winding roads in the hills north of Lincoln. Not only are there a host of wineries to visit, but now also a developing scene of craft breweries. So we'll be planning another visit,

Arriving at the Neuman's for an excellent lunch we had a great time inside, watching as the rain finally arrived.

Our thanks to Leif and Barbara for their great hospitality and also a perfect, simple, no-stress weekend.

Enough is enough - Barbara says it's time to go!

Thanks again to Leif & Barbara for a great route, program and hostility!

...next event looking to be Lake County - watch this space....

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