Mission Accomplished - Flavia arrives home and on the road

My post in August described the purchase of this unique Flavia in the UK and shipping arrangements to get it home. As always that is not the end of the story ....

After a couple of turns after we realized that the seller's friend had a roll on roll off shipment in mind for the transportation. We had parts that needed to go with the car, as "roro" limits the car from anything other, than what the car is equipped with, no lose parts allowed and that the car would be exposed to the elements, did not sound like a good idea. Previously when we had cars shipped from the US to Europe we always used Rinkens, so I called them for their options from the UK. We agreed on having the car transported and to have it shipped from Rotterdam with a delivery to Paramount, CA. The transport to The Netherlands took longer than expected, but after that the car was delivered to the Dutch terminal and was loaded in the container, it only took a couple of weeks to New York were the customs decided to slow down the entry by doing a complete inspection on all of the goods in the container it was shipped in. The whole time we were in contact with Rinkens and had reports on the progress. After clearing customs the container was brought to Paramount so we went there, picked up a trailer from U-Haul a couple of blocks away. Loaded the car and got on the way home as the weather looked as it was taking a turn for the worst.

Sitting in traffic we had a pick-up pulling up to the side of the trailer and checked out our treasure! After blocking his lane for some time they pulled up to our side and wanted to know if it was a Flaminia! They recognized that it was a Lancia and gave us thumbs up and took off.

After coming home we started checking the car to find out what shape it is in. We found a number of items in need of attention and started with adjusting simple things like bumpers and sent a couple of items to be re-chromed. Test drove the car on our private road a couple of times before taking the big step to get the car registered, collecting all documents and getting ready, took a bit longer than expected as Customs did not give us our import papers. Rinkens took care of that for us and had the originals sent to us by Fed-Ex.

DMV Difficulties

Having DMV verifying the vin was no problem until they could not decide what year to put as manufacturing date! Regardless of that we had the registration where it showed the date as estimated to be 1962 and we told them that 1962 was ok with us. They refused to complete the verification and told us to go to CHP to have them do the verification and get a new appointment with DMV.

Luckily we have a neighbor who was working for the CHP in the past and he refered us to a person directly involved in verifying vehicles. After showing him the car he went to work, both to educate himself about Lancia as well as obtaining as close information as possible to make the DMV personnel satisfied.

The next day he asked if I could meet him at the Roseville DMV so we could be there together to ensure there were no problems to have the car registered! This time the registration process was a breeze and I can not say enough about the service I got from both CHP and Roseville DMV!!!

After a quick call to my insurance agent the car was legal to drive and we took the car for it's first trip to town to get a color match so we can repaint the standard trunk lid we got, in the same color as the rest of the car. We had a nice ride with the top down and the only "major" issue was a water leak from the upper radiator hose. Was able to get a temporary hose put in place while waiting to get a original style hose installed. We look forward to the start of the season for a drive with the Norcal group to the wine country in a couple of weeks. See you there, Leif and Barbara

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