Port Costa Meeting Report

Our Port Costa Meet-Up happened on Saturday under mild and pleasantly overcast skies, outside on the patio of this cult-like destination that is probably best seen in the dark. Saturday lunchtime was a smart time as apparently Sundays are over-run with Harley’s. First to arrive was Gary Dowling who is also awarded our first Order of Merit for bringing along much appreciated tasty appetizers.

On reflection this was quite brave of us considering the fire-breathing bar-lady-manager who seared our burgers with her tongue. If she'd caught us, I really don't think any of us would have dared take the blame.... In the event, three nice Lancia’s arrived, plus an Italian cousin. The Chico contingent all had different excuses to leave our cars at home! Altogether a very pleasant time, which confirmed what a Good Idea this is! We all parted promising to ‘spread the word’. So please encourage anyone with a Lancia, or interest in our cars to subscribe through the Group Website. We’ll be in touch regarding new events, but please don’t hesitate to forward me news, or call your own meet-up!

Attendees - Gary Dowling, Paul Paul Hoeschen, Tom Gilmore, (all in Lancia’s), Joe Hurwich - Alfa.

Paul and Vicki Tullius, Todd Radke, Paul and Lily English Paul English

2021 West coast reunion.jpg