Kickstarting our new Group with a Fun Saturday meet on September 12th!

We're excited to get some great events planned for the upcoming quarters, but we thought we'd strike while the iron's hot and call a quick meet in a great Bay Area Location near Vallejo. This place has a cult like reputtaion and is easy to get to for most people - just off I-80

The Warehouse Cafe, 5 Canyon Lake Dr, Port Costa, CA 94569 Sat 12th Sept, Time: 12 Noon - arrive early to chat!

From TripAdvisor:

“Amazing, funky, retro 60's hangout by water”

Reviewed July 12, 2015 See here:- Click Here for Site

500+ types of beer, you can order food or bring your own and eat outside while listening to music. Dogs welcome outdoors, kids OK in restaurant.

Town of Port Costa itself is like Sausalito was 40 years ago, only 2 blocks long. Quaint hotel across from warehouse bar. This is a locals hangout for many years, went there with family for picnic and to listen to music.

I tried to find a good photo! But people love this place - there's a Facebook page with more info.

Saturday should be quieter, it opens at noon, so I suggest arriving about 11.30 park and chat so we can try and get seats/tables together.

It would be useful to have a feel for how many are coming so we can advise the staff.

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