Our Northern California Lancia Group

Fellow Lancia Lovers,

In recent weeks we've been kicking ideas around with a view to creating more community in Northern California among Lancia owners, which in turn could stimulate increased activity for the West Coast as a whole.

The objective is to encourage meeting, community and engagement like we see in other car clubs by initially setting an easy schedule that could be expanded as it gains traction.

Lancias are getting older, and some much more valuable - there’s even more reason to get our cars out and meet and compare notes.

Naturally some longstanding Lancia enthusiasts are falling away, but there are also many people who could be Lancia owners; who are attracted by the unique engineering we see across the different generations of cars whether it’s Lambda, Aurelia, Fulvia or Beta periods.

So I would suggest that while our group objective is primarily for Lancisti, we should be open to ‘prospects’!

At the moment we have nothing going on.

Rather than set a too ambitious and intimidating plan, I suggest we aim to start with modest quarterly meetings, with say two of these overnight, and the other two say ‘optional’ overnight - so that the meet up and run would be on say the Saturday or Sunday without obliging people the time and expense of an overnight.

Suggested Schedule

Someone has to start this - so here goes, anything can be adjusted!

The area hosts would set the date, theme and program and hotel/restaurant, route for a run etc. This is not a competition!

Winter 2015 Nov/Dec - Chico Area - Paul & LilyEnglish, Paul & Vicki Tullius - Theme - Report of our Castlemaine trip and ideas to carry forward.

Spring 2016 - Napa Area - Gary and Holly Dowling (before the ALC Reunion in Bishop)

Summer 2016- San Francisco Bay Area (not so hot!) - TBA

Fall 2016 - Auburn/ Grass Valley Area, Leif & Barbara Neumann

Any and all of this can be changed - this is a first stab. All suggestions welcomed!

Once we agree a broad initial structure, we can get the ball running, and create an invitation list.

2021 West coast reunion.jpg