As I said to my analyst,      It really isn't About Me!

The goal  here is to help us Lancia Guys (and of course Ladies), connect and do stuff together. Drive, explore, visit and more.

We're all strangely obsessed with Lancia for one reason or another - whether we discovered them in High School like Gary Dowling, or as a thinking man's alternative to a Ferrari.

Or perhaps the Beta family that deserves to attract some support at modest cost.


And it's fun to hang out with similarly 'enlightened souls'.


So although I am fumbling my through setting up this initial structure of this site etc - I absolutely see this project and the program we develop, as a co-operative venture.  


Please play a part by turning up, commenting, helping as much or as little as you can. Spreading the load, ideas and enthusiasm will help avoid the burnout which happens when one poor guy get's burdedned doing the whole thing - when he didn't really want to do it anyway! That is how club's die out.


So don't lurk in the shadows. Bring your car out into the sun and lets meet up. At the very least subscribe and share what you're doing.


Our draft plan for the next 12 months is thanks to the brainstorming and ideas of the hosts of our first events - so thanks to Paul & Vicki Tulius, Gary and Holly Dowling and Leif and Barbara  Neuman.


See you at The Bar!



PS I know there's no Lancia's in this pic of our 2014 Reunion Welcome Party...they were all in the driveway.